Veronica Lynn Harper is a multidisciplinary artist with a technical and business savvy mindset. This big picture thinker has a diverse background spanning across traditional and digital art content. Eleven professional years at AAA studios 10-500+ team members in main campuses and sister studios of Sony Computer Entertainment America & Electronic Arts. Several years following she's aided in producing platforms of 100-30,000+ attendees at Envision Festival, Comic Con, Sundance, Ted Talks, Lighting in a Bottle, and Siggraph. Veronica's designed in-house workshops for Disney Interactive, Electronic Arts, Various Colleges and Universities in Southern California and the Midwest, and non profit education companies for youth. In recent years she's created custom textures for the Fashion and Interior Design industry as a creative director and producer overseeing domestic and international production teams from concept incubation to customer product shipping.


Currently, Veronica is leading interactive augmented reality AR exhibitions featuring fine art wall and sculpture for placement in Museums, Hotels, and Airports across the globe. Her content is created alongside tech sponsors and partners for digital showcase and collectable fine art NFTs.

VR Virtual Reality . AR Augmented Reality . HTC VIVE . Microsoft Suite . Adobe Suite . Traditional and Digital Art . Maya . Zbrush . Kodon . Substance Designer, Painter, Alchemist . XSens . Stretch Sense . Wacom . Unity Technologies . Unreal Engine . Babylon JS

Ted Talks . Adobe . Comic-Con . Sundance . The Walt Disney Company . Frederator Studios . NBC Universal . 2k Games Ottawa International Animation Festival . Nickelodeon Studios . Bottle Rocket Ent . Electronic Arts . Sony Computer Ent . Blind Squirrel Games . Nintendo Wii . SIXR . Mocap Now . MXTreality & MyPad3d . MGM Grand . Lightning in a Bottle . Sonic Bloom . Envision Festival . Siggraph . SXSW 


Veronica Lynn Harper



Veronica's personal art is a story of auditory sounds translated to patterns during flowstate. Patterns are painted traditionally to various genres of music & frequencies.

These visions are then digitized and prepped for various production pipelines such as textiles in fashion, digital VR & AR experiences, practical wall paintings, and fine art statues. This installation showcases the diversity across various media while still evoking the same feeling of connection it began with traditionally.

Veronica's preliminary tests were fashion pieces. After months of research she discovered a relationship between the patterns and human connection to them in relation to sound. The patterns of the artwork reflected a pattern within people of a similar vibration and interests. Veronica has been called a modern day Rorschach, and a Renaissance Artist throughout these experiences.



The Patrick Jones Art Gallery is the official USA dealer of Veronica Lynn Harper's collections.


Patrick Jones Art Gallery offers investment level art & design for the seasoned and curious collector. Our focus is primarily contemporary and modern art, along with an array of important 20th century design.

The collection is curated by Patrick Jones and Reyne Hirsch, both veteran collectors with an eye for up-and-coming artists.

Notable artist offerings include Banksy, Andy Warhol, Invader, Arsham, Dicke, and more.



Luxury Homes Magazine . ESCAPE 

A huge congrats to my Gallerists and USA Art Agents Patrick Tex Jones and Reyne Hirsch on our teams latest publication in Private Air Luxury Homes Magazine. It’s a print mag placed in every private jet that contracts w a servicing company— 80% of all PJs .