Veronica Lynn Harper is a passionate, stylish, highly skilled multidisciplinary artist based out of Seattle, Washington.  She is at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of traditional art through digital expression using Dance, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Motion Capture Technology.  Her desire for creating and developing art is fueled by her promise to make a positive difference in the World!  

Veronica's diverse background in traditional arts such as painting, sculpture and dance are complemented by her extensive experience as a Digital artist and developer in the Tech Arena.  With past clients such as Sony Computer Entertainment, Nintendo Wii, The Walt Disney Company and Adobe, her experience puts her in a very unique position to bridge the gap between traditional and digital art and improve human connection in our modern digital world. 


Veronica's passion in improving human connection and making a positive difference in the world is reflected in her art as well as her desire to design and develop a center for Ecology, Art, & Technology in the Pacific Northwest.  She is thrilled to set an example and pave the way for other female artists to achieve success in the upper echelons of Art Auctions.  




This installation is a story of auditory sounds translated to patterns during flowstate. The patterns are painted traditionally to various genres of music and frequencies.

These visions are then digitized and prepped for various production pipelines such as textiles in fashion, digital VR & AR experiences, practical wall paintings, and fine art statues. This installation showcases the diversity across various media while still evoking the same feeling of connection it began with traditionally.

Veronica's preliminary tests were fashion pieces. After months of research she discovered a relationship between the patterns and human connection to them in relation to sound. The patterns of the artwork reflected a pattern within people of a similar vibration and interests. Veronica has been called a modern day Rorschach, and a Renaissance Artist throughout these experiences.

Moroccan kaftan - Wikipedia 
Mesopotamia Mesopotamia 8000-2000 B.C.
Veronica will showcase the history of the Caftan *Kaftan and a modern day sustainable production line with a zero waste fabric pattern. Live sewing closing reception of show. Fabric sewn into caftans live & auction. Base level floor assets on wheels to move around and tuck under stairwell during events.

Vision Board and see Pattern Tab


This installation will additionally educate visitors about flowstate and connecting to oneself while in a moment. Veronica will also share personal stories and pipelines on the TV reel of her life experiences while developing this project as inspiration to others on their creative life journey.


Veronica holds partnerships with motion capture hardware teams Xsens & Stretch Sense. Digital partnerships AR : MXTreality Labs, VR : HTC Vive, Drawing tablet with Wacom. The statue foundry for monuments /small scale sculptures and wall art replicas are produced at a high end manufacturing facilities in Pacific Northwest. Veronica is currently planning partnerships with A-List music producers for sound collaboration.

Imogen Heap is available for sound samples at the BAM exhibition.