Digital Dancer

Public Art Installations . NFTs . AR App . XR Experiences 

Veronica Lynn Harper is a 15 year art and tech developer. She holds partnerships and sponsorships with leading hardware, software, and mixed reality development teams in the animation industry.

Veronica Lynn Harper’s work provides limitless opportunity for future partners in NFTs, AR, VR and practical Wall and Sculpture Fine Art Industry. The Digital Dancer is a highlight within the collection, featuring motion capture technology of Stretch Sense and Xsens. Through the use of these technologies she reawakens the Bagley & Virginia Wright House by master architect Arthur Erickson with, The Digital Dancer. The estate was owned by the late Bagley & Virginia Wright collectors and Pacific Northwest art philanthropists, who purchased from many auction houses such as Christies. Art from their collection was donated to the Seattle Art Museum. The owner of a California car company, Zero Labs Automotive, now owns the estate. He has a deep appreciation for the legacy of the Erickson design and the cultural significance of the building as a repository for art and a background for events honoring the arts. Veronica Lynn Harper is currently seeking partnership with a marketplace to unveil her NFT collection.