Frequency & Chromesthesia​

Veronica Lynn Harper paints fluid patterns while listening to various types of music. The musical track's genre and frequency is a driving factor of the visual outcome. Liquid is highly susceptible to oscillating frequencies, molecules change shape depending on frequency exposure.

Veronica has a unique multisensory experience while developing art, in which sound involuntarily evokes an experience of color, shape, and movement. Studies call this experience chromesthesia a form of Synesthesia. As sound or environmental frequency passes through her subconsciously, the output of visuals are representations by her body, mind, and energy of that experience.

Within these architectural forms are worlds of captivating identity.


A glimpse into Veronica Lynn Harper's visual translation of energy

Custom patterns and colors upon request. 

Contact for pattern catalog.


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Personality Patterns

Veronica's patterns are a reflection of energy as it correlates to personality and musical preference. In her study of human connection and patterns she noticed how they deeply relate to personalities. She found couplings and groupings of people interested in a particular genre of music based on their pattern preference.

Music Identity

Auditory vibrations hold the power to  overcome our essence and shift our mood at any moment in time. Sound and Music are the most powerful of experiences.


Over our lifetime we fall in love with various genres of music we identify with. Veronica’s patterns are visual representations of the auditory experience.


Veronica has been referred to many times as a modern day “Rorschach” in full color. Rorschach was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. His education in art helped to spur the development of a set of inkblots that were used experimentally to measure various unconscious parts of the subject's personality.